AWS Directory Service API Update Radius

AWS Directory Service - Update Radius

Updates the Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) server information for an AD Connector directory.

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API Description


AWS Directory Service


AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Enterprise Edition), also known as AWS Microsoft AD, enables your directory-aware workloads and AWS resources to use managed Active Directory in the AWS Cloud. The Microsoft AD service is built on actual Microsoft Active Directory and does not require you to synchronize or replicate data from your existing Active Directory to the cloud. You can use standard Active Directory administration tools and take advantage of built-in Active Directory features such as Group Policy, trusts, and single sign-on. With Microsoft AD, you can easily joinAmazon EC2andAmazon RDS for SQL Serverinstances to a domain, and useAWS Enterprise IT applicationssuch asAmazon WorkSpaceswith Active Directory users and groups.

Curl command through

curl -v "{streamdata_token}&DirectoryId={field_value}&RadiusSettings={field_value}"

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